Friday, March 30, 2012

IPod touch 4 camera enhancing

Apple announced iPod 4g in 2010 as the mos remarkable iPod. But Apple provided a camera with VGA quality which was not liked by customers.But today i am going to give you tips on how to improve camera experience  on IPod  4g.

1 If you are indoors try to increase light
2 If you are outdoors take full advantage of sunlight
3 If these tricks don't work try app camera awesome for indoors and HDR fx for outdoor image enhancing.

Links to apps stated above

IPhone gevey unlock

Today  I  am going to talk about unlock stuff

Last week i unlocked my iphone 4 with gevey   lets take a look at its features and disadvantages

1 No jailbreak needed
2 Doesnt  violates your warranty
3 One time install and you are done

1 Some people say that after rebooting they lost there network and have to dial 112 and turn on and off airplane mode[Gevey turbo]

Friday, March 23, 2012

Shsh window closed

I want to tell you all that shsh window for IOS  5.0.1 is closed for tiny umbrella users.But for ifaith [recomended] it is still open as it takes blobs from device.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IPad 3

The ipad 3 was the most awaited product of 2012.But does it worth?let's find out
2 New retina display
3 A5X processor[60fps]
4 IOS 5.1 and Siri Dictation

1Takes long time to charge
2Gets heated to temperature of 116 F

Jailbreak possibilities:
The ipad has been the first idevice to be jailbroken  in 1 day after launch. 

Nc settings

A new sb settings alternative with nice appearence and giving a android feeling. You can find it on mod myi repo for free.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

apps gone free

simple physics,hdr fx,freezingbirds

free apps

how to download ipa from apptrackr

unlock 5.1

Now hackers and unlockers are focusing 5.1 jailbreak and unlock.Many significant  progress has made ipad 2,3 are already jailbroken untethered.Hackers like pod2g and Ion1c are working day and night. You can help them by just disabling diagnostics by going to settings>general>about>diagnostics and usage

Themes got worse!

Nowadays  i have noticed that themes are becoming  worse. Themes are now overloaded they are now not like absolution


sparrow is a new mail app much better than mail app but it does not have push notifications. But those who are jailbroken can install tweak sparrow push in big boss repo which allows push notifications. it is available on app store $2.99


whats up guys i have started my new blog about iphone i hope you enjoy!!!

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