Friday, August 10, 2012

How to avoid jailbreaking

Although iam a jailbreaking freak but there are folks against  jailbreaking so here isa post for them

There are many appstore apps which provide jailbreak functoins but these dont replace it 100%
Apps Are:-
Apps gone free [to get free app updates ] replacing installous  no piracy
launch center pro [its a speed dial for iphone it replacing 75%of Tweaks]
vlingo and evi [voice assistants replacing siri ports]
google app [allows to search with a great power]
advaarka[app allowing to share photos quickly in sec]
download manager[giving ability to download files gestures based]
iconizer[actions on homescreen]
linking these apps to launch center pro will make cydia for your non jailbroken iphone
moreover ios 6  has awesome features and social intergration
app store link [launch center]

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